WP17 Standard Tig Torch Parts

WP17 Tig Torch Nozzle Seal

WP17 Tig Welding Torch Nozzle SealWP17 Nozzle seal creates a seal between the torch body and the noz..


WP17 Tig Torch Short Back Cap

WP17 Welding Torch Short Back CapWP17 Short back cap allows a short piece of tungsten to be fitted t..


WP17 Tig Torch Long Back Cap

WP17 Tig Welding Torch Long Back CapWP17 long back cap allows a full length 150mm tungsten to be fit..


WP17 Tig Torch Collet (5 Pack)

WP17 Tig Welding Torch ColletWP17 Collet clamps the tungsten in the torchUsed with Standard, Gas Len..


WP17 Tig Torch Collet Body (5 Pack)

WP17 Tig Welding Torch Collet BodyWP17 Collet Body holds the collet and nozzleSize Options 1.0mm, 1...


WP17 Tig Torch Nozzles (10 Pack)

Bore Sizemm  inch Nozzle Number 6mm  1/4  4 8mm  5/16 5 10mm &n..


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